The Gallery at The Carlyle [2012]

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A friend and I met at The Mark Hotel only to find out they no longer serve afternoon tea so we headed over to The Carlyle Hotel, which is just one block over. Thankfully, we were seated right away. I’ve been to The Carlyle a couple of times a few years ago and had enjoyed afternoon tea there.

SETTING: ★★★★★
Afternoon tea is served in a two level lounge that’s primarily used for tea service. It’s a lovely, luxurious setting with plush couches and lush decor.

SERVICE: ★★★★☆
Friendly service although, being seated at the lower level made it a little difficult to signal the server since they were mostly on the upper level.

Good selection of loose leaf teas from Harney & Sons, although I wish they had white teas and more than two green teas. I got the Japanese Sencha and it was good.



Really, Carlyle? You’re going to serve THESE sad, sorry sandwiches when you’re charging $48 for afternoon tea?? I was VERY disappointed with their tea sandwiches. It’s the type of sandwich you would put together for a six-year-old as an after school snack. A six-year-old you don’t like. They were completely uninspired, plain and bland. After a few bites of a couple of sandwiches, I gave up on them and moved onto the scones.

Scones were better and they were served with Devonshire cream and strawberry preserves.

The sweets were just ok. A lot of tarts.

I can’t get past the tea sandwiches. Pitiful.

LOCATION: The Gallery at The Carlyle | 35 East 76th Street | New York, NY 10021 | 212.744.1600
AFTERNOON TEA HOURS: Daily from 3:00 – 5:30

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  1. Loving this blog and especially comments like: "It's the type of sandwich you would put together for a six-year-old as an after school snack. A six-year-old you don't like." Priceless…

  2. Hi Ling, the "heavy" look is probably due to how it was photographed. It was dimly lit inside so the photos didn't come out as nicely as I would have liked.

  3. Never been but I agree from the looks of those sandwiches – pathetic is one word…doesn't look professional at all. And whats with that green stuff on top? Looks like at the last minute they decided they need to cover up some of that sadness on the plate and riped off some leaves from a nearby wilting plant and dumped it on top. The scones look the best. Dessert doesn't look too bad and I love tarts but I'm not sure what the unappealing aspect of this whole tea is for me (other than the sandwiches). I don't know…everything kind of just seems and looks …"heavy" for lack of a better word.