Best Tea Steepers

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Looking to buy a tea steeper that dispenses tea from the bottom? Here are my picks and tips on how to find the right one for you.

Tea Steeper

Bottom Dispensing Tea Steepers

These ingenious tea steepers that release tea from the bottom make it easy to make 1-2 cups of tea at a time.

It’s great since it steeps and strains tea in one mess-free contraption without a need for any additional parts.

What to Look for When Buying a Tea Steeper

  • Glass container
    Finding one made of glass is tricky since most bottom dispensing tea steepers are made of plastic. I always prefer glass over plastic since they don’t hold onto any odors.
  • Size
    It’s best not to leave tea leaves sitting in hot water since it’ll overbrew your tea and make it bitter. Find a steeper that is about the same size as your mug. Or can hold 2 cups if you’re brewing for two.
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning
    Little tea leaves can get caught in the dispenser so a removable filter is ideal.
  • Doesn’t drip
    Since the tea is dispensed from the bottom, you want to make sure there aren’t any drips and that the release seals tight. (OXO has one that looks great, but the reviews all say it leaks.)

My Pick for Best Tea Steeper:

Other Recommended Tea Steepers:

Questions You May Have

How do I use it?
Lift the top lid and put in tea and hot water and steep. Place the tea steeper on top of a cup and the release valve will pour tea from the bottom of the tea steeper directly into the cup, straining out the tea leaves. Lift the tea steeper off the cup (or switch off a lever) to stop the tea from flowing. No drips!

Can I make only hot tea in this?
You can make hot or iced tea in a tea steeper. (Especially cold brewed tea.) You can also make hot or cold brewed coffee in this too! (Get the glass tea steeper if you want to use the same one for tea and coffee.

Does a tea steeper come with a cup or a mug?
No, none of the ones listed above come with a cup or a mug. You should be able to use the ones you already have.

Can I put this on the stovetop?
Nope, the tea steeper is meant to be used for steeping tea only. Water should be heated separately.


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