Where to Buy Tea Online

Where to Buy Tea Online

Ok, you’re ready to take the plunge and go beyond Lipton tea bags. Where should you go online to buy better tea? Here are my favorites…

In Pursuit of Tea
I took notice of In Pursuit of Tea years ago when I would see their name on tea menus all over the city from fine dining to small cafes. They directly source their loose leaf tea from tea farms and having been in the tea business since 1999, they’re one of the most established. They know tea.
What to get: They’re my source for black tea (Mao Feng Black) but everything they carry is very very very good.

Ippodo is a Japanese tea company that only sells high quality green tea and have been in the green tea business for nearly three CENTURIES.
What to get: Matcha, matcha, matcha. I got my matcha starter set from Ippodo.

Palais des Thes
Palais des Thes is a French tea company with a focus on tea education, I like their tea blends in cotton tea bags — perfect for tea on the go and as gifts.
What to get: My Tea for the Office box set of an assortment.

If you’re looking for organic tea, look no further than Rishi. Over 95% of their tea is certified organic and they’re really at the forefront of creating interesting blends with ingredients like tumeric and organic maqui berries. 
What to get: Their caffeinie-free blends like Tumeric Ginger and Patagonia Wild Guava.

Silver Needle Tea Co.
I’m a big fan of Silver Needle Tea Co’s highly curated selection of tea that are sourced directly from tea farms. They only have single estate teas meaning they only do pure tea, no blends. By the way, the packaging is gorgeous.
What to get: Their white tea is exceptional, like the *ahem* Silver Needle.

Song Tea & Ceramics
If you’re ever in San Francisco, a visit to Song Tea & Ceramics is a MUST. Gorgeous tranquil space where you can have a tea tasting before giving away your month’s rent for bags and bags of tea, happily.
What to get: Shan Lin Xi Winter Sprout. It LEGIT tastes like cotton candy. The sweetest tea I’ve ever had and it was amazing.

T Shop
A small tea shop, T Shop is NYC hidden in the back of a building accessible by a hallway from the main entrance. All their tea is pure (no blends) and sourced directly.
What to get: I really like their puerh (they have a nice selection).

Te Company
Te Company is where I get all my oolongs from and the roasted oolongs are my favorite at the moment — they’re good both iced and hot.
What to get: My favorite? The Frozen Summit Reserve, a roasted oolong. Love it.

Tea Dealers
I have a soft spot for Tea Dealers since they carry a nice selection of Korea tea and tisanes. This is where I think of first when I want Korean tea and they don’t disappoint.
What to get: Wild Persimmon, Wild Pear, and their Korean Woojeon green tea.


Where to Buy Tea Online

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