3 Tier Stands for Tea Time

Nothing says afternoon tea like a three-tier stand. Here are my picks for 3 tiered trays that are pretty, functional, and in a range of prices.

tiered cake stand

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Cambridge 3 Tier Stand

This three-tiered tray is bigger than most so it’s great for entertaining a hungry group. The tray doesn’t come with plates but you can use any dinner plate you already have at home.

I love the clean, minimalistic look and it’s great for entertaining whether it’s for serving afternoon tea or for a holiday party.

Scalloped Rims Three Tiered Stand

A pretty stoneware with scalloped rims, this three tiered stand has a rose gold metal pole and ring to carry and move around easily.

three tiered cake stand

Leila Three Tiered Stand

With a romantic French countryside look, the Leila Three Tiered Stand with its pretty fluted edges, is a great size for an afternoon tea for two at home. Or, you can use to display….eggs?


What Goes on Each Tray?

Sandwiches on the bottom, scones with clotted cream and jam in the middle, and sweets on top.

tiered cake stand

3 Tier Reversible Paper Cake Stand

A disposable three-tiered cake stand made of card stock in a cute floral motif. Surprise! It’s also reversible and has a white and gold color scheme on the other side.

It’s disposable but you can reuse it a few times.

Similar: Floral 3 Tier Paper Cake Stand, Frilly 3 Tier Paper Cake Stand

Gold Trim 3 Tier Stand

A pretty purple 3 tier stand with gold trim. Easy to assemble and take apart for storage. 

afternoon tea tray

Paper Cake Stand Birdcage 

I love this birdcage cake stand for outdoor (easy to transport) or children’s tea parties (made of paper). It’s a three-tier reusable cake stand you assemble made of thick card stock paper.

three tier stand

Round Tiered Server

A modern tiered server in porcelain and stainless steel. Would be great for a Japanese-themed afternoon tea party.

cake stand

Le Creuset 3 Tier Stand

Who knew Le Creuset made three-tiered serving stands? They do! Comes in white and also a deep red, orange, and blue but the white is much prettier.

Sturdy and easy to assemble, this stand should last years and years.

afternoon tea stand

Victorian-Inspired 3 Tier Stand

Simple, classic, and feminine, this porcelain 3-tiered stand has a unique edge design on each tier. Made in France, this white glaze should make your tea sandwiches pop.

tiered cake stand

3 Tier Ceramic Cake Stand

If you want to go super feminine, go pink and gold with this ceramic cake stand. Great for a bridal shower or a child’s birthday party.

afternoon tea tray

Marble 3 Tier Server

Upgrade your afternoon tea party with a 3-tier server in textured marble. Keep this on the countertop all year to display fruit when you’re not using it for tea parties.

afternoon tea stand

3 Tier Ceramic Cake Stand

An adorable cake stand with different colored trays. Comes in a box with the tiers separated but should be quick to assemble.

They also have the same design in a pretty pastel blue.

three tier stand

Porcelain Tiered Stand

I really like the smart design of this white stand with the bottom tier less rounded than the top.

The bottom, wide tier is for sandwiches, the middle for scones and clotted cream and jam, and the top for sweets — I love the simple yet classic look.

Limoges Porcelain Three Tier Stand

Gorgeous Limoges three tier stand. Limoges porcelain is porcelain produced in the city of Limoges, France.

This one has a bit of a sticker shock.

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  • Miyuki Kuwahata
    8 months ago

    Where can I buy three tires of afternoon tea? l’m looking for pineapple three tires.

    • Oh, How Civilized
      8 months ago

      Hi Miyuki, I haven’t seen a pineapple one but you can try a search on Amazon.com.

  • Vanessa Johnson
    5 months ago

    I need 12 (3-tier) servers for a church tea. Having a difficult time finding good pricing. Please help

    • Oh, How Civilized
      5 months ago

      Hi Vanessa, a lot of the 3 tiers I have in the post are around $20 – $25. I would suggest not doing a tiered stand and putting the food out on pretty platters.

  • 4 months ago

    I am trying to find the price and possibly order the ring cake stand. The click goes to a dysfunctional page.

    • Oh, How Civilized
      4 months ago

      Hi Irene, which cake stand exactly? I checked all the links and they’re going to the correct sites.

  • Rebecca Emmons
    5 days ago

    I’ve used my 3-tiered stands for small buffet tables but am uncertain how to use when 6 or 8 are seated at the table. Do they each reach for their goodies, or do you pass each plate off the stand, or pass the whole stand?? Surely not the latter?

    • Oh, How Civilized
      3 days ago

      Hi Rebecca, ideally, you don’t want to take the plates off the stand and pass it around and you don’t want to pass around the stand either. If you can, place multiple stands within easy reaching distance for each person. For a table of 6-8, I would place at least 2 stands so that everyone can get food off the stands without reaching.

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