10 Best 3 Tier Stands for Tea Time

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Nothing says afternoon tea like a 3 tiered stand. Here are my tips and picks of the best 3 tier trays in a range of prices.

Six 3 tier trays from a range of designs.

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3 Tier Stands

Nothing says tea time and afternoon tea like bite sized treats served on a 3 tiered tray. With each tier filled with savories, scones, and sweets, it’s a delight to behold.

To serve a proper afternoon tea, use each of the tiers to hold a course. Place tea sandwiches at the bottom, scones with cream and jam in the middle, and sweets on top.

For a casual tea time without courses, food can be placed on any of the tiers.

When you’re not using the stand for tea time, you can always leave it out on the counter or dining table and use it as a fruit tray.

Most 3 tiered stands can be made into 2 tiered stands since they can be taken apart and reassembled.

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3 Tiered Stand Buying Tips

Get it in white or a light color.
Avoid getting a 3 tiered tray that’s too bright and colorful since you want the attention to be on the food.

Look at the plate dimensions.
To be able to fit all 3 courses of afternoon tea, each tier should be able to hold enough food. A 10-11 inch dimension for the bottom plate is ideal.

Top tier shouldn’t be too small
I’ve seen some cake stands with tiny top tiers and they’re not very functional. Make sure the top tier can hold food.

Can be carried.
Look for a 3 tiered stand with a small handle at the top so it can easily be carried from the kitchen to the table.

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10 Best 3 Tier Stands

1. Pillivuyt Eclectique 3-Tiered Stand

Pillivuyt Eclectique 3-Tiered Stand.

Classic with a feminine touch, this 3 tiered stand from Pillivuyt is perfect for serving afternoon tea.

☑️ Simple, clean, and timeless.
☑️ White porcelain with a different edge design on each plate.
☑️ Perfectly sized plates for afternoon tea.
☑️ Produced in France by a 200 year old French porcelain company.

The stand can be disassembled for easy storage.

The white plates with the silver-plated brass handle pairs well with any white or decorative teapot and tea cups.

2. Sweese 3 Tier Stand

Sweese 3 Tier Stand.
A great basic 3 tier stand by Sweese, it’s sold on Amazon at an affordable price.

☑️ Simple white plates.
☑️ Made of porcelain and stainless steel.
☑️ Affordable at under $40.

The bottom tier is 10.75″, the middle is 8.75″, and the top is 6.25″.

Easy to assemble and take apart, the plates can be stacked for storage.

Without any texture on the plates, the smooth surface makes it easy to clean.

3. Monique Lhuillier Juliana Scalloped Three Tiered Stand

Monique Lhuillier Juliana Scalloped Three Tiered Stand.

With a white glazed finish, this 3 tiered stand has a rose gold metal pillar.

☑️ Pretty scalloped rims gives it a feminine look.
☑️ Metal pillar also comes in silver.
☑️ Made of stoneware.
☑️ Elegant design.

The bottom tier is 11″ wide, the middle is 9.75″, and the top tier is 7.5″. Use the stand as a centerpiece when not being used for tea treats.

4. Champagne Gold Tiered Stand

Champagne Gold Tiered Stand.

Stainless steel 3 tier stand with a brushed light gold colored finish.

☑️ Food safe Champagne Gold finish.
☑️ Functional yet stylish.
☑️ Monochrome clean look in a pretty color.

Bottom tray is 13″ in diameter, middle tray is 10″, and the top tray is 8″.

The stand is slightly bigger than most but this has a wide, raised rim.

5. Cambridge 3-Tier Stand

Cambridge 3-Tier Stand.

This 3 tiered tray is bigger than most so it’s great for entertaining a group.

☑️ Each tier holds the same size plate.
☑️ Sturdy stand, since it doesn’t disassemble.
☑️ Iron with nickel-plated finish.
☑️ Stand doesn’t come with plates so you can use any dinner plate you have.

Clean with a minimalistic look, it’s great for entertaining whether it’s for serving afternoon tea or for a holiday party.

Change out the plates depending on the occasion.

6. Laura Ashley Blueprint Collectables 3 Tier Stand

Laura Ashley Blueprint Collectables 3 Tier Stand.

Each plate on this 3 tier stand has a different floral blue trim. It’s a classic with a pretty twist.

☑️ Delicate Bone China plates.
☑️ Blue floral design is only on the edge of plate so the food is on white surface.

The bottom tier is about 10″ in diameter, middle tier is about 8″ and the top is 7″.

This stand is a part of the Laura Ashley Blueprint Collection so it’s easy to complete the set with teapot, cups, and small plates.

7. CofeLife 3 Tier Stand

CofeLife 3 Tier Stand.

White tiers that are trimmed with gold, this 3 tier stand sold on Amazon.

☑️ Made of porcelain.
☑️ Affordable at under $50.

The bottom tier is 10″, the middle is 8″ and the top tier is 6″. The top tier is on the smaller size.

There is also a dark green version available.

8. Famille Rose 3-Tiered Stand

Famille Rose 3-Tiered Stand.

A vintage-y looking 3 tier stand in a floral themed pretty pastel green.

☑️ Elegant with each tier in a different design.
☑️ The glaze, trim, and decals are hand-finished.
☑️ Under $100.

The bottom tier is 11″ in diameter, the middle is 9.25″, and the top tier is 7″.

There is an entire Famille Rose collection that matches from teapot and tea cups to dinnerware.

9. BonNoces 3-Tier Stand

BonNoces 3-Tier Stand.

This affordable 3 tier tray on Amazon is made of porcelain.

☑️ Under $25.
☑️ Pretty embossed pattern.
☑️ Decorative handle at the top.

The bottom tier is 10″, the middle is 8″, and the top is 6″.

10. Lenox Butterfly Meadow 3 Tiered Server

Lenox Butterfly Meadow 3 Tiered Server.

Bring spring to every tea service with this 3 tiered server with a scalloped edge.

☑️ Made of porcelain.
☑️ Pretty and feminine.
☑️ Each tier has a different illustration.

The bottom tier is 10″, the middle is 8″, and the top tier is 6″.

The butterfly and floral design is mostly centered in the middle so it’ll just peep through the food placed on the plates.

This stand is a part of the Lenox Butterfly Meadow collection which includes a teapot and tea cups.

Questions You May Have

Can I use a 2 tiered stand for serving afternoon tea?

2 tiered stands are cute, but they don’t hold everything you need for a proper afternoon tea service which is made up of 3 courses.

Why are there no glass options on your list?

I find that once you put food on a glass plate, it starts to look messy so I avoid glass tiered stands.

What else can I use my 3 tiered stand for?

Serve breakfast or lunch buffets with different food options on each plate. Or use it to serve cookies and snacks. It’s great for holiday parties since it saves space on the table.

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  1. I’ve used my 3-tiered stands for small buffet tables but am uncertain how to use when 6 or 8 are seated at the table. Do they each reach for their goodies, or do you pass each plate off the stand, or pass the whole stand?? Surely not the latter?

    1. Hi Rebecca, ideally, you don’t want to take the plates off the stand and pass it around and you don’t want to pass around the stand either. If you can, place multiple stands within easy reaching distance for each person. For a table of 6-8, I would place at least 2 stands so that everyone can get food off the stands without reaching.