Brie & Black Forest Ham Tea Sandwich

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I love the combination of ham, brie and honey mustard. For this tea sandwich, I used pumpernickel bread, but it was way too dense and threw off the balance of the sandwich. I should have known better when I picked it up. It was pretty heavy considering there were only 8 slices in the package. Next time, I’ll stick with the Pepperridge Farm Very Thin bread instead.

I used room temperature brie, which made for easy spreading. You can add brie to both slices of bread if you want the 2 slices to hold together a little more. I made my own honey mustard by mixing 2 parts mustard to 1 part honey.

Bread: Pumpernickel from WholeFoods

Brie: Isigny Brie

Ham: Black Forest Ham, sliced thin, from WholeFoods

Honey: Trader Joe’s Clover Blossom Honey

Mustard: Trader Joe’s Aioli Garlic Mustard Sauce

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