Prosciutto Tea Sandwiches with Goat Cheese

Delicious and surprisingly easy-to-make goat cheese and basil finger sandwiches topped with adorable prosciutto roses. These are perfect for parties and tea time. 

Prosciutto sandwich

Prosciutto, Goat Cheese, and Basil Tea Sandwiches

The creamy goat cheese, salty prosciutto, sweet honey, and peppery fresh basil makes for a great flavor combination. These sandwiches for tea time or party appetizers are so good. You can thank me later. In cash.

Years ago, I had an appetizer that was a prosciutto and basil wrapped around a ball of goat cheese and it was so delicious that I wanted to recreate it with this tea sandwich.

The beauty of prosciutto is in how thin they’re sliced, so I wanted to take advantage of that by creating a rose that can top the sandwich. They’re surprisingly easy to make. If I can do it, I have faith that you can do it.

What is Prosciutto?

Prosciutto is basically Italian ham. It’s a cured meat and looks raw but it’s completely safe to eat. Sliced super thin, prosciutto is soft, buttery, and practically melts in your mouth.

You may be able to buy prosciutto pre-sliced in the deli section of your supermarket or at a deli counter where you can request paper thin slices. Trader Joe’s has them pre-sliced and packaged for about $5 and there are about 8-10 slices per package. 

It can take anywhere from nine months to a couple of years to cure prosciutto — it’s an artisanal product so it’s not cheap.

If you’re looking for an excellent summer snack, I would recommend wrapping them around melon wedges. It’s a great mix of sweet and salty.

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What Cheese Goes Best with Prosciutto in a Sandwich?

Mozzarella cheese and goat cheese are my favorites but you really can’t go wrong with any Italian cheese when looking for the best cheese to have in a prosciutto sandwich.

How to make a prosciutto sandwich

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What I Used to Make These Prosciutto Tea Sandwiches

Prosciutto rose

How to Make a Prosciutto Rose

The hardest part of making this sandwich is the prosciutto rose topping. And by that, I mean making the roses without eating the prosciutto as you go.

Ok, here we go, pay attention.

Take a slice of prosciutto, fold it in half horizontally, twist it loosely, then roll in from one end. Gather at the bottom as you roll, letting the top flare out a bit so it looks like a rose.

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Prosciutto rose

Done and done.

See? Easy. And so pretty!

Ok, let’s make the sandwich part where the rose will sit on top of.

Prosciutto sandwiches

How to Make Crustless Prosciutto Sandwiches 

I love making finger sandwiches with round cookie cutters. It’s my secret weapon to getting perfectly uniform sandwiches. Tea sandwiches should be eaten in 2-3 bites, and by using a 2 inch cookie cutter it’s the perfect portion size.

To make the sandwiches, go to town cutting out rounds from the bread. I pick a cookie cutter that can cut out two circles from one slice of bread.

Using the Very Thin white bread, I can get two circles by using a cookie cutter that is a little smaller than 2 inches. 

For the love of all things holy, please avoid the crust. Ahem, there are no crusts in this crustless sandwich. Let’s not be barbaric.

Prosciutto and basil sandwich

Next, cut circles out of washed and dried basil leaves. Pick leaves that are big enough to cut circles using your cookie cutter. 

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Prosciutto and goat cheese sandwich

Mix the spreadable goat cheese and honey together. I use spreadable goat cheese since it’s smooth and makes it easier to spread onto the bread.

How to make a prosciutto sandwich

Let’s put everything together. 

Here’s how it goes: bread, goat cheese, basil, goat cheese, bread, and then goat cheese again. The top layer of goat cheese is to make sure the prosciutto rose stays in place.

Prosciutto rose sandwich

Place the prosciutto rose on top.

It’s pretty…pretty tasty!

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Prosciutto recipe

Best Tea to Pair with Prosciutto Tea Sandwiches

With rich flavors from the prosciutto and goat cheese, I would recommend an oolong or a black tea pairing.

Try a roasted oolong tea like Frozen Summit or Formosa Oolong.

For black tea, I would go with a classic whole loose tea like Ceylon or Darjeeling. But you can always pair with a black tea blend like Earl Grey.

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Yield: Makes 4 tea sandwiches

Prosciutto Tea Sandwiches with Goat Cheese

Prosciutto Tea Sandwiches with Goat Cheese
Adorable and delicious, these prosciutto sandwiches are a perfect tea time savory.



  1. Cut circles out of the bread using a round cookie cutter. Use a cookie cutter size that can cut out two circles out of each slice of bread.
  2. Cut circles out of the basil leaves.
  3. Combine spreadable goat cheese and honey. Set aside.
  4. Make prosciutto roses by folding a slice of prosciutto in half, horizontally then loosely twisting it. Take one of the twisted ends and roll inwards with the top flaring out a bit to get the rose shape.
  5. Assemble the sandwich by taking a bread circle, spreading on some goat cheese, layering on basil, goat cheese again, bread slice, then goat cheese on top. Top the sandwich with a prosciutto rose.

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    Nice post. Beautiful how-to photos. The sandwiches look like they'd be delicious.

  • Jee (Oh, How Civilized)
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    Thanks, Adam! The sandwiches were indeed delicious.

  • notesontea
    6 years ago

    Thanks for posting your 201 year in review. This is a brilliant sandwich — the basil makes it!

  • Jee (Oh, How Civilized)
    6 years ago

    Hi notesontea, glad you saw this post! Yup, the basil TOTALLY takes it to another level.

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