12 Best Iced Tea Makers

Making iced tea at home is easy but sometimes it can be a little messy. Here are 12 iced tea makers to make refreshing cold brew iced tea at home, fuss-free.

Best Iced tea makers


What Is Cold Brew Iced Tea?

Cold brew tea is tea leaves, or tea bags, infused in cold water instead of steeping them in hot water. 

To make cold brewed tea, it takes at least 8 hours to extract the flavors and it can be a messy process if you use tea leaves (psst, you should!).

Making cold brew tea is super simple and, really, the best way to have iced tea. It’s smooth, tastes great, has less caffeine, and you don’t have to boil any water.

Good loose tea can be cold brewed again. You can take a look at the tea leaves after the overnight steep. If it looks like it hasn’t completely unfurled, you can use it again. 

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Iced Tea Makers

The cold brew tea process can be a little messy if you don’t have the right container or tools.

Iced tea makers have a removable strainer that makes it so much easier to make cold brew tea at home. Clean up is a breeze since you can just remove the tea leaves in the strainer.

What to Look for When Buying an Iced Tea Maker

  • The container should be clear with a strainer that can be removed and cleaned easily.
  • Glass is preferable but if you’re accident prone like me, BPA-free clear plastic is a good second option.
  • The bigger the infuser the better your tea will taste since it allows a lot of room for the tea to unfurl and release flavor.
  • Wide pitcher openings make it easier to clean.
  • Stainless steel infusers are best since they’ll last the longest and are the easiest to clean, but mesh works well too.
  • Iced coffee makers are the same as iced tea makers if it’s just a pitcher with a strainer. 
  • I prefer tall, straight iced tea makers since it makes it much easier to store inside the refrigerator door.

Iced Tea Maker Tips

  • If you want to have a constant rotation of cold brews in the refrigerator all summer get two of the same iced tea makers.
  • Iced tea makers can make cold brewed coffee and also fruit-infused water. Put fruit in the strainer and fill the pitcher with water.
  • Use loose tea instead of tea bags to make more flavorful iced tea.
  • Filtered water tastes best when cold brewing tea.

Best Iced Tea Makers

Here are my picks for the best iced tea makers to make cold brewed tea.

Takeya 2 Quart Iced Tea Maker

Having listed all the things to look out for in finding the best iced tea maker, this BPA-free plastic iced tea maker with a mesh (not stainless steel) is the one I own and use all summer. I’ve owned multiple glass pitchers and I’ve broken every single one. Yup, all five. 

I’ve learned from my mistake and use this 2-quart pitcher for making quick iced tea in the summer when I use the family-size tea bags (fresh brew iced tea pouches) which is made specifically for 2-quart pitchers.

Another thing I really like about this pitcher is the extra long strainer that reaches almost all the way to the bottom, allowing me to brew tea even when using only a little water. 

Hario cold brew bottle

Hario Brewing Bottle

Marketed as a coffee brewing bottle, this Hario glass bottle is shaped like a wine bottle and has a built-in strainer that can be removed where tea leaves can be cold steeped. 

I like that it’s easy to store on the refrigerator door since it’s doesn’t take up a lot of room.

The only drawback is that it only holds about 2 – 2.5 cups.

Hario pitcher

Hario “Mizudashi” Cold Brew Pot

This Hario cold brew glass pitcher is a bigger sized container than the one above and it’ll make about 4 cups of iced tea.

It’s made in Japan and comes with a reusable, easy to clean filter.

Plastic iced tea maker

Pitcher with Iced Tea Infuser

This BPA-free plastic iced tea maker holds over 8 servings and is made in Japan. It can be stored on its side and won’t leak.

This is a good 2-quart pitcher that’s easy for using with iced tea family-size tea bags.

Iced tea maker

Cold Brew Iced Maker

This 1.5-quart iced tea maker has a lot of things I’m looking for — stainless steel infuser and a tall, straight glass pitcher.

Iced tea maker with spout

Cold Brew on Tap Cold Brew Tea Maker

GIANT removable strainer with the easy pour spout makes this iced tea maker a winner in my book.

It’s a gallon-sized container which holds 16 cups.

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Iced tea maker with infuser

Cold Brew Tea Maker

I love the giant stainless steel strainer in this iced tea maker that you can to fill up with tea and fruit if you want a fruity cold brewed iced tea. Comes with a scoop.

Cold brew maker

Glass Tea Maker

This iced tea maker has a long removable filter and makes 4 cups of cold brewed iced tea.

Hario Cold Brew Carafe

Sleek, glass carafe with a stainless steel strainer/lid. The size is perfect for refrigerator door shelves and since this doesn’t have a handle, it takes up less room.

Cold brew tea maker

Cold Brew Glass Pitcher

Cold brew tea pitcher made of glass and removable mesh filter. Can be used to make both hot and cold tea.

Tea Infuser with Spout

Glass carafe with stainless steel filter and lid can be used for hot and cold tea. Comes in 1 liter and 1.5 liter sizes.

Cold brew iced tea maker

Iced Tea Brewer

Glass pitcher with a silicone base, this iced tea brewer holds 44 oz (about 5 cups) and has a nice wide opening to easily clean the inside.

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  • A perfect day for iced tea!

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    Georgia, it was!

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    Thanks for including our Iced Tea Maker in your roundup. Do you have a favorite iced tea?

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    Hi Takeya, love your iced tea maker! No favorite iced tea since they're all my favorites!

  • Diane
    6 years ago

    Jee, thank you for posting about the iced tea makers. I plan on buying one of the Takeya brand as a gift. It's the same concept as the cold brew coffee which we love.

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    Hi DIane, I love the design and the look of the Takeya ice tea maker. You should get one for yourself top!

  • Mary Kondrath
    1 year ago

    I’m just getting started with cold brewing my iced tea and am anxious to find out how delicious it is. Thank you for the list of your favorite iced tea makers. The one I purchased today is not on your list, but if I like this cold brewing, I will likely come back to your list and buy a larger one.

    • Jee
      1 year ago

      Hi Mary, cold brewing is the best! It’s so much better than making hot tea then cooling it down.

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