Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwich

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It was pointed out to me that the tea sandwiches at St. Regis were easy to eat since the fillings were chopped into small pieces. I used that approach to make these smoked salmon tea sandwiches. Soften the cream cheese a bit, chop everything and mix together! No more pulling out the entire piece of salmon on the first bite.

Bread: Pepperidge Farm Very Thin Whole Wheat

Smoked Salmon: Packaged sliced Scottish Smoked Salmon

Cream Cheese: Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Chives, Red Onion, Lemon, Dill

4 thoughts on “Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwich”

    • Hi Tamara, I don’t have a recipe with the amounts for each ingredient but I’ll need to work on figuring that out!

  1. Stumbled across your site through a pin on Pinterest. You’re now in my “Must reads” bookmarks!
    Great tea sandwich recipes–love the variations on the old standards (Japanese mayo-cool). Love the layout of your site, also. Great job.


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