Chocolate Mint Tea Latte

Chocolate and mint come together in this delightful tea latte made with cacao nibs, brown sugar, and black tea. It’s like a pepperminty hot chocolate but with way less calories.

Chocolate mint tea latte

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Chocolate Peppermint Tea Latte

This chocolate peppermint tea latte recipe is the result of going down a rabbit hole after I started researching chocolate tea.

I wanted something minty to balance out the richness of the chocolate and came up with this tea latte that tastes like dessert in a mug. 

There are six ingredients and the drink can be made in minutes. 

The chocolate comes from cacao nibs, the mint from dried peppermint leaves, and I rounded out all the flavors together with black tea and brown sugar.

You can have the tea as it is without the milk, but I love tea lattes so I added frothed soy milk which definitely made it more of a treat.

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Chocolate mint tea latte ingredients

What I Used to Make This Chocolate Mint Tea Latte

Cacao nibs

Cacao Nibs

Chocolate tea comes in two different forms. It’s either black tea with chocolate flavoring or all natural using cacao nibs. 

What are cacao nibs? Cacao nibs are chocolate in a very early, pure form. They’re basically dried, roasted, and crushed cacao beans. 

They’re super healthy and good for you. It’s perfect when you want to add a chocolate flavor without the calories.

Since there’s no sugar in cacao nibs, they’re not very sweet so they taste more like dark chocolate with some bitterness.

I read that you can snack on them as is, but I tried it and it’s completely gross. Would not recommend.

The nibs are pebble sized and I tried infusing them in hot water but it didn’t give me enough of a chocolate flavor so I used a mini food processor to grind them down.

Smaller pieces of the cacao nibs in hot water gave me a fuller chocolate flavor.

Chocolate peppermint tea latte

How to Make a Chocolate Mint Tea Latte

The first part is making the tea. The second part is making the frothed milk.

Actually, let me take that back, the very first thing is to grind up the cacao nibs.

I used a mini food processor to get the nibs into smaller pieces. The recipe uses just 2 teaspoons of ground cacao nibs which is too little to grind properly in the food processor so I usually make 1/4 cup batches at a time as needed.

Don’t grind the entire package since they’ll lose freshness quicker when they’re ground up.

Ok, NOW let’s start brewing the tea.

In a teapot with a strainer, combine the ground cacao nibs, Assam black tea, peppermint tea, and brown sugar.

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Chocolate mint tea latte

Pour in boiling hot water and let it steep for five minutes.

While you’re waiting for the tea to steep, start making the frothed milk. 

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Frothing milk for tea lattes

Heat milk on the stovetop on low until little bubbles start to form along the sides. Turn off heat and pour milk into a French press.

Holding onto the lid, move the plunger up and down until the milk doubles in volume. 

Ta da! You’ve got yourself perfectly frothed milk. 

If you want to be lazy, you can get one of these milk frothers so you can skip the stovetop since they’ll heat and froth milk at the same time. (I have one and can say it’s a real timesaver. Plus, fewer dishes to do after.)

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Chocolate mint tea

It’s now time to bring the tea and the frothed milk together.

Strain out the tea into a mug…

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Peppermint and cacao nibs tea

and top with frothed milk. See how pretty it looks?

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Chocolate mint tea

Garnish with fresh mint leaves or even chocolate shavings from a chocolate bar if you want to get a little fancy.

Done and done.

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Chocolate mint tea latte


Chocolate mint tea latte

Chocolate Mint Tea Latte

Chocolate Mint Tea Latte

Yield: Makes 1 serving

A sweet beverage made with cacao nibs and peppermint and black tea.



  1. Grind cacao nibs into smaller pieces.
  2. Combine ground cacao nibs, Assam black tea, peppermint tea, and brown sugar and steep in hot water for five minutes.
  3. Meanwhile, heat milk on the stovetop on simmer until little bubbles form on the sides. Makes sure not to let the milk get to a full boil.
  4. Froth warm milk in a French press. With the lid on, move the plunger up and down until milk doubles in volume.
  5. Strain out the chocolate mint tea into a mug and top with frothed milk.
  6. Optional: Garnish with fresh mint leaves or chocolate shavings from a chocolate bar.

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