Best Milk Frothers to Make Lattes at Home

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Froth milk at home like a barista using a milk frother. Not sure which one get? Here are my picks and tips!

Milk frothers

Milk Frothers for Making Tea Lattes

Make smooth frothy milk at home for tea lattes, like London Fog, using a milk frother. 

The best milk frothers make velvety, smooth froth with small bubbles each and every time.

There are a few ways to froth milk but the method I like the best is using a frother that heats milk and froths at the same time. 

Handheld milk frothers and French presses also froth milk but you need to heat the milk separately first.

What to Look for When Buying a Milk Frother

  • Creates microfoam
    Microfoam is foam that’s made up of tiny bubbles that creates a velvety smooth texture. Big bubbles are what you want to avoid.
  • Heats milk and froths
    Not all milk frothers are the same. I like the ones that heat up milk and froth in one machine. It’s the easiest since it’s just one step but they do cost more.
  • Easy to clean
    The best milk frothers are simple to clean, without a lot of small, loose parts.

My Pick for Best Milk Frother:

Other Recommended Milk Frothers:

Milk Frother Tips

  • Use a milk frother to make delicious hot chocolate by frothing together heated milk and finely-grated chocolate and sugar.
  • If there is a setting for cold froth, use it in the summer for iced lattes.
  • Milk with high fat content, like whole milk, will produce the best, creamiest froth. Almond milk and soy milk will have varying degrees of froth depending on the frothing method.
  • The colder the milk, the better it’ll froth.


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