Afternoon Tea at the Four Seasons Hotel New York

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Afternoon tea at the Four Seasons Hotel New York is now being offered for the first time in more than 10 years. See the entire service from tea sandwiches to sweets.

Tea at the Four Seasons New York

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Four Seasons Hotel New York

Afternoon tea hasn’t been served at the Four Seasons Hotel New York in more than 10 years and I’m glad it’s finally back!

Four Seasons Hotel New York is a luxury hotel located in midtown Manhattan designed by my favorite architect, I.M. Pei. Tea service is inside the Ty Bar, a deep red color soaked lounge off the main lobby.

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What is Afternoon Tea?

  • Afternoon tea is a meal served mid-day that’s done as a set course consisting of savories, scones, and sweets. 
  • You don’t get to choose the food for each course but you do pick the tea.
  • Tea comes out first, followed by a three-tier tray filled with mini bites. At the Four Seasons Hotel New York, they bring out the scones with clotted cream and jam separately.

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Four Seasons Afternoon Tea Menu

There are two afternoon tea options on the menu but the only difference is adding champagne for an extra charge.

Sweet and Savory Tier
$75 per person
Classic afternoon tea service on a 3-tiered stand.

Sweet and Savory Tier with Champagne
$95 per person
Add a glass of Louis Roederer Brut Champagne to your tea service.

The menu and pricing may change at any time so please contact the hotel or check their site for latest info.

How Does Afternoon Tea at Four Seasons Hotel New York Work?

  1. Pick an afternoon tea option.
    You’re picking one of the two — with or without champagne. 
  2. Pick your tea.
    There is a list of teas on the same menu and select whichever one you like best. Black tea is the usual tea that’s traditionally had with afternoon tea. Earl Grey and English breakfast tea are good options.
  3. Tea will come out first.
    You can start drinking your tea.
  4. Warm scones are brought out next.
    Warm scones on a tray with clotted cream and jam on another are brought to your table. Usually, scones are served second but at the Four Seasons, they bring it out first.
  5. Three-tiered stand is served.
    I asked them to bring out the three-tiered tray as soon as they brought out the scones so that I could eat the tea sandwiches first. The proper afternoon tea course order is tea sandwiches, scones, then sweets.

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Interior of Ty Bar at Four Seasons New York

Setting: ★★★☆☆

Afternoon tea is served at the Ty Bar inside the Four Seasons Hotel New York.

When it comes to afternoon tea, I like places that are bright and airy with a feminine touch. Ty Bar is a cocktail lounge so it’s really none of those things.

It’s nice and cozy though especially when the room isn’t full. It started feeling more and more like a bar closer to happy hour so go closer to 2PM instead of 4PM.

Afternoon TEa Service: ★★★★☆

Service was very good with just a couple of minor hiccups.

The servers were friendly but didn’t go over the items on the three-tiered stand and the servers were hard to find towards the end of service when I was getting ready to head out.

Cup of tea being poured at Four Seasons New York

Tea & Tea Selection: ★★★☆☆

The tea menu is just one page made up of all types of tea. It’s a small list. I prefer to see at least two teas for each type — even better if there’s three to five, which is my ideal tea selection.

Tea Sommelier’s Tip: Don’t let the tea sit in hot water for too long since it can make it bitter.

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Plate of savories at the Four Seasons Hotel

Afternoon Tea Savories: ★★★★★

I had afternoon tea at the hotel more than 15 years ago (!) and I remember their tea sandwiches being completely delicious, so I was really looking forward to their savories.

And they didn’t disappoint! They were fresh and tasty. No stale bread anywhere to be seen.

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Scones at the Ty Bar - Four Seasons Hotel

AFternoon tea Scones: ★★★★★

Warm, tasty, and perfectly sized, the scones were excellent.

The clotted cream was a little off the first time I went but they were perfect on the second visit. The jam however was very good on both visits. 

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Sweets at the Ty Bar - Four Seasons Hotel

Afternoon Tea Sweets: ★★★★★

I’m going to give sweets five stars just for their perfect cream puff. It’s SO FREAKING GOOD.

Lightly crispy on the outside with pillowy soft whipped cream, it’s the perfect two-bite (or one) dessert. I absolutely loved it.

The other sweets were good but the cream puff was the definite standout.

Afternoon Tea Overall: ★★★★☆

Four Seasons Hotel New York offers one of the better afternoon teas in NYC. 

Ty Bar, Four Seasons Hotel New York
57 East 57th Street
New York, NY 10022

Daily, 2PM – 5PM

Sweet and savory tier, $75 (as of 2019)

Call 212.758.5700 or email [email protected] to book your afternoon tea.


  • Always make a reservation. You may be turned away if you don’t.
  • The best lighting for photos is by the windows on the far end of the Ty Bar.
  • Whatever you don’t finish, you can take home.
  • Make your reservation closer to 2PM than 5PM since the space starts to fill up with people there for drinks after work.


Do I need to make a reservation for afternoon tea?

Yes, reservations are a must. To make reservations, email [email protected] or call 212.758.5700. It’s always a good idea to make reservations for any afternoon tea.

What do I wear?

Business casual. Try to avoid jeans and sneakers and dress neatly.

How long is afternoon tea?

Prepare to spend about two hours for afternoon tea. It’s something that shouldn’t be rushed.

What time is afternoon tea at the Four Seasons Hotel New York?

Afternoon tea is served everyday from 2PM – 5PM. It’s best to make your reservation time before 4PM so that you’re not in a room full of happy hour folks who can ruin the quiet mood and ambiance.

Is this a good place for larger parties?

Tables can be pushed together to create a long table along the side and along the back of the Ty Bar so they should be able to accommodate larger afternoon tea parties.

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