18 Delicious Matcha Recipes You’ll Love

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From refreshing iced drinks to decadent desserts, you’ll love these delicious matcha green tea recipes!

Matcha Latte Recipe

[1] Matcha Latte

The ultimate matcha drink (*ahem* aside from traditional matcha) and how most get their first taste of matcha, the matcha latte.

All you need is matcha, water, and milk to make this pretty green tea beverage.

I like to add a touch of honey or sugar to make it sweet.

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Matcha pancakes

[2] Matcha Pancakes

Take regular pancakes and make it way fluffier and vibrant green and you’ll get these gorgeous matcha pancakes.

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, eat them like a giant cookie if you wish. Syrup, optional.

Matcha lemonade butterfly pea tea

[3] Matcha Butterfly Pea Flower Lemonade

This color-changing layered iced drink is made with the magic of butterfly pea flower and lemonade.

Watch the butterfly pea flower tea go from a bright blue to purple then top it all off with a layer of matcha.

Looking for a signature drink for a fancy event? This is it.

Matcha green tea banana

[4] Matcha Banana “Ice Cream”

Would you believe this “ice cream” is made of frozen bananas?

Looks so much like ice cream but so much better for you, this Matcha Banana “Ice Cream” is made with just three ingredients and super easy to make.

[5] Matcha Milkshake

It’s all about getting the ratio between ice cream to milk just right to get the perfect milkshake.

And I’ll be the first to say it — this matcha milkshake is perfection.

Thick, rich, and decadent, you’ll be hooked after the very first sip.

Matcha green tea latte ice cubes photo

[6] Matcha Latte Ice Cubes

Make this recipe ahead of time and have a matcha latte ready in seconds.

The freezer does most of the work on this Matcha Latte Ice Cubes recipe. Combine ingredients and freeze.

When you’re ready for an ice cold matcha drink, plop some of these ice cubes in a glass and top with milk.

As the ice cubes melt, your plain ole’ milk will turn into an iced matcha latte.

[7] Matcha Stovetop Popcorn

I make this recipe all year round. It’s the perfect snack.

The secret ingredient to this Matcha Stovetop Popcorn is ghee or clarified butter.

I make mine in a dutch oven and it’s super easy to cut the recipe in half if you just want enough for one sitting.

Matcha green tea toast

[8] Matcha Sugar Toast

Have this Matcha Sugar Toast for breakfast, as an afternoon treat, or as a late night snack. Basically, it’s good any time of day.

This is cinnamon toast but with a green tea twist.

It combines three of my favorite ingredients — matcha, sugar, and butter.

Iced matcha watermelon tea

[9] Iced Matcha Watermelon Tea

No need to add any sugar to this matcha drink. The watermelon is all the sweetener you need.

It’s refreshing and I love the color combination of dark pink and green.

Make this for your next BBQ — everyone will ooh and ahh.

Matcha Green Tea Waffles Recipe

[10] Matcha Waffles

When I make waffles, I never make just one batch. I make a few batches at a time, doubling or tripling the recipe since they store so well in the freezer.

Make a few of these Matcha Waffles and pop it into the toaster oven for a super quick breakfast.

You can thank me later.

Matcha latte granita photo

[11] Matcha Latte Granita

Iced matcha latte not cold enough for you? I want to introduce you to…Matcha Latte Granita.

This recipe does require a little bit of an arm workout but it’s worth it.

Sparkling green tea soda

[12] Matcha Soda

By combining fizzy water and green tea syrup, a Matcha Soda is born.

The bubbly water of choice for this recipe is seltzer water since it has a clean taste and doesn’t have minerals like club soda or sparkling water.

It’s refreshing and healthy-ish.

Matcha Tiramisu

[13] Matchamisu = Matcha + Tiramisu

The Matchamisu holds a special place in my heart since it was the very first recipe on this blog that went viral.

My baking guru, Queenie, created the recipe for the blog and coined the term Matchamisu.

It’s as delicious as it looks with layers of matcha cake and matcha cream.

It’s matcha heaven in every bite.

[14] Matcha Affogato

Did you know there’s thin matcha and thick matcha?

The thin matcha is what most people drink but the thick matcha is only for special ceremonies.

An affogato is a traditional Italian dessert made with ice cream ‘drowning’ in hot espresso.

Instead of espresso, I made my Matcha Affogato with thick matcha, which has the consistency of melted chocolate.

Matcha goes best with sweets so this combination is a great meeting of the two.

[15] Matcha Ice Cream Bars with Magic Chocolate Shell

This ice cream bar is next level.

Take matcha ice cream and cover it in crunchy toasted almond and magic chocolate.

It’s so much fun to see the magic chocolate shell form instantly after dipping it into the ice cream bar.

Matcha (Green Tea) White Hot Chocolate Photo

[16] Matcha Hot Chocolate

Why have boring hot chocolate when you can have this Matcha Hot Chocolate?

It’s even better topped off with a mound of toasted marshmallows!

It’s thick from the white chocolate base and tastes delicious.

Matcha ginger beer

[17] Matcha Ginger Beer

A non-alcoholic version of matcha beer, this Matcha Ginger Beer is made with just matcha and ginger beer.

It’s sweet with a nice ginger kick and completely refreshing.

Matcha truffles

[18] Matcha Truffles

These tiny cubes of matcha and white chocolate are hard to resist.

Follow step-by-step directions to make these Matcha Truffles at home for yourself or for someone special.

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