30 Refreshing Iced Tea Recipes

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Kick back and relax this summer with these refreshing iced teas. 30 delicious iced tea recipes you can make at home from cold brew tea to bubble tea.

30 ice teas

Iced Tea Recipes for the Summer

Ice cold, thirst quenching, and much healthier than soda, iced tea is the perfect summer drink.

If you’re looking for ideas beyond just a boring tea bag in water, I’ve got 30 iced tea recipes just for you.

Three Ways to Make Iced Tea

  • Hot brew 
    This is when you make hot tea, then cool it down and pour over ice.
  • Ice chill
    You make hot tea then cool it down quickly by shaking it with a ton of ice.
  • Cold brew
    This is my preferred way to make iced tea since it is the best-tasting iced tea. You put loose tea and cold water in the refrigerator for 12 hours. 

Iced Tea Essentials

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Questions You May Have

Is there a difference between loose tea, tea sachets, and tea bags?
Yes! Loose tea is usually the highest quality, then tea in tea sachets. Tea in tea bags are the lowest quality. The more of the tea leaves you can see whole, the better. Tea bags usually contain tiny bits and powder of broken tea leaves.

Can I make any tea iced?

Can I use tap water?
The best tasting tea is made with the best tasting water. Use filtered water if you can.

How many teaspoons of tea are in tea sachets?
There are usually 1.5 teaspoons of tea in a tea sachet.

How many teaspoons of tea are in tea bags?
There is usually 1 teaspoon of tea in a tea bag.

What’s the best way to make iced tea?
Hands down, cold brewing makes the best iced tea but you do have to wait 12 hours.

How can I sweeten my iced tea?
It’s best to use simple syrup (half water, half sugar) since it incorporates into iced tea the easiest. Simple syrup is easy to make. Just mix sugar and hot water in equal parts until the sugar dissolves.

How long can I keep my iced tea in the refrigerator?
No more than 4 days. 

30 Iced Tea Recipes

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